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We require a word count in order to calculate the scale of your translation project. There are many ways to do this:

For .DOC files, you can use the built-in word count feature in Microsoft Word, which can be found under the -Tools- menu (Word 2007 users can see the current document word count in the bottom left of the screen).

.PDF, .HTML, .TXT etc. files do not have a built-in word count feature: the easiest way to count these is to copy-paste the entire document into Microsoft Word, or a word count tool (go to, and perform the word count from there.

If you are unable to count the words in your document (for example, if it was scanned as an image, or if a .PDF file has been protected in such a way as to prevent copy-pasting), please provide us with an estimated manual word count, so that we can gauge the approximate scale of the project.

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Thank you very much for the translation. I am very happy with the service provided. Thank...

Alex. Chapman.

I am the creator and host of a radio show entailed The J-Pop Exchange which airs on WVCR...

Sean Robbins.
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Translation Central is an ISO9001:2008 accredited organisation.
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